About Dr. Jeff

Dr. Jeffrey Levy, known to his clients as “Dr. Jeff,” provides caring, in-home veterinary visits in the New York City area using both conventional and alternative medical techniques. His focus is on specialized care and pain management through acupuncture, rehabilitation, and wellness practices. He is a certified veterinary acupuncturist (IVAS), a Reiki practitioner, and was trained in veterinary rehabilitation at the University of Tennessee. He serves as the official veterinary acupuncturist of the International Cat Show and is an official veterinarian of the Westminster Kennel Club Show. As an adjunct professor at Mississippi State University’s veterinary college, he is training the next generation of veterinarians and regularly advises governors, senators and other government officials on animal health issues. He lives with his two adopted rescue cats, “Asti Spumanti” and “Nebbiolina,” in New York City. He founded Pet-Rox to combine his desire to raise awareness and funds for animal welfare causes with his love of music and performing.