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About Me

Hello, this is Dr. Jeffrey Levy.

I am a housecall veterinarian that has served the NYC Metropolitan area for over twenty years.

I have been fortunate to have spent my life working at a profession that is among the most rewarding in the world; the practice of veterinary medicine.

Little did I know when I began my career many years ago, that besides being a gratifying endeavor, that it would also prove to be so entertaining!

By assisting so many pets and their owners I have recorded a wealth of anecdotes and collected a trove of personal stories that relate to the special bond we human beings share with our animal friends, and importantly, how they relate to the human condition.

I plan to continue to share these wonderful and inspiring tales with a wider audience in an enchanting, life-affirming and uplifting way, that could be "Just what the doctor ordered" in these challenging times.

My Objective

I hope to attract collaborative creative talent, to produce a live and/or animated television, film or theatrical family-friendly and literary experience, that highlight the adventures of a big-city housecall veterinarian character and assistants, as they minister to the needs of their animal patients during their housecall rounds.

Image of Dr.Jeff with a Guitar in NYC

Dr.Jeff the Entertainer

Pets are Fun!!! Here’s a bit of my pet-centric entertainment catalog. From live performances with my group of animal welfare volunteers and musicians, "Pet-Rox", to a full-length music CD, to music videos; Here’s to a "howlin" good time!

(NEW) Amazon Jungle

Dr. Jeff the Housecall Vet

(NEW) Walk With You

Dr. Jeff the Housecall Vet

(NEW) Urban Jungle

Dr. Jeff the Housecall Vet

21st Century Pet (Sing-Along)

Dr. Jeff the Housecall Vet

21st Century Pet (Animated)

Dr. Jeff the Housecall Vet

21st Century Pet (Spanish)

Dr. Jeff the Housecall Vet

Live Performance

Pet Rox Music

Rehearsal with Wendy Diamond

Pet Rox Music

Listen Here

Also available on:


Raining Cats and Dogs

Out Of This World

Heaven On Earth

Rabbit From The Hat

Urban Jungle

Chicken Little

21st Century Pet

Last of The Breed

Lost Dog

Hold Your Horses

Rabbit Ears

Show Your True Stripes

Just Sniffing Around Lyric Booklet

Sing along to each song in the album using the lyrical accompaniment.

Lyric Booklet

Pet Reviews for Pet-Rox

Your music made such a HUGE difference in our celebration of canine good citizenship in Central Park.

-- Central Park Conservancy

Your original lyrics and upbeat style create a great atmosphere for celebration among people who share a love for animals.

-- Wildlife Conservation Society

The work you do means so much – not only to us, but to all animal welfare organizations city-wide.

-- Washington Heights Cat Colony

Dr. Jeffrey Levy is the Paul McCartney of the Animal World!

-- Animal Fair Magazine

Dr.Jeff and the Public

Here are samples of the many lectures, talks and press interviews I’ve given over the years.

Excerpt from

"Dr. Levy, a certified veterinary acupuncturist, assists with rehabilitation and pain management for pets whose owners want to avoid medication or surgery."

Excerpt from WBAI Radio

"You treat all kinds of animals... you've treated a dog who had lost the use of his hind legs and (with) acupuncture, helped gain some mobility."

Excerpt from

"Made up of musicians who are also involved in the animal welfare community, the band has evolved through the years and has featured everyone from a sea lion trainer to an animal psychic to a pet tarot card reader who plays percussion."

Dr. Jeff Speaks at Harvard

Dr. Jeff at Westminster Dog Show

Dr.Jeff the Author

Here are the titles of some literary efforts currently in the works. Stay tuned!

Family and Young Adult Title:

Out of this World: The Story of Laika, The World's First Dog in Space

* Listen to Laika's Theme on the Pet Rox Album (Track 2: Out of this World)

Read Act One (Scene's 1-3)

Children's Title:

A Day with the Housecall Veterinarian: Dr. Jeff, and Friends Visit their Big-City Animal Friends

For Pet-Lovers:

Notes from the Urban Jungle: A Big-City Veterinarian's Pet-Centric Safari

Read the Intro

“Postcards” from Dr. Jeff’s travels in the marvelous Urban Jungle